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Friday, January 30, 2009

The final decision

The next morning I still wasn't sure who would be coming home with me that night. Chunky Monkey had been the pup that stood out the whole way along..but now it seemed Intermediate Girl was a late-bloomer with some real potential and lots of play drive.
I went for a walk taking just the 2 pups, calling them from their puppy pen up a hill. They both came running, but then Intermediate Girl wandered off whereas Chunky Monkey stuck close by. Then I got my partner to hold the 2 pups, ran away and called them both. Chunky Monkey came flying towards me, running as fast as her little puppy legs would go. Intermediate Girl sat there, looked at me and again wandered off. That was it- my mind was made up. Chunky Monkey, the first born pup, would be coming home with me that night and her name was now officially 'Secret', show name to be 'Macs KeepaSecret'.
I had been considering names for a while..which I generally find to be a fairly pointless exercise as all of the dogs I have owned have named themselves. When we first got Jess (as a family dog) we thought she would have a music-related name..something like 'Allegro' or 'Tempo'. Nope, she was just Jess. I couldn't come up with anything for Terra's name..she was nameless for a couple of weeks after she came home..until my partner asked 'hows the lil terror'..and it stuck so Terra she became.
For this pup though I was determined to find a name that would be suitable in advance. I didn't want anything that might jinx her..e.g 'Driven', 'Super' etc. Lets wait and see if she turns out to be fast before bestowing a name that could be very embarrassing if she didn't live up to it! I chose 'Secret' for a couple of reasons, firstly and predominately because I liked the name, and it shortened well to 'Seek'. Secondly, she was one! No-one in my family knew about this litter..I was planning to bring her home and hope everyone fell in love with her and she could stay. If not, I was relying on the kind hearts of my partners parents..who already had my second agility dog, Terra.
So Secret, my partner and I said goodbye and thanks very much to Sam and drove back to Perth..she dozed at my feet (dreaming of ?sheep and farm life?) and I dozed in the car and thought about the exciting road we had ahead.


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