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Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Dog

I often like to daydream about my next agility dog, what I'll get, where it will be from, how I train it..like lots of other agility people I suspect.
This time, I am seriously thinking about getting a small dog, for a few reasons. Firstly, because the challenges to train them are completely different. I would be looking at training running contacts for a start, and as I havent done this with any other dogs that would be an interesting challenge. The See Saw is a much harder obstacle for small dogs due to having less weight, and it can be harder to get them to work at a distance (although we seem to have small dogs in WA very proficient at distance work). Because we are competing nearly every trial in separate heights it makes it a lot fairer, and worthwhile putting the work in. And to be a top agility trainer and handler I think you need to be able to train all sorts of different dogs, not just border collies (even hard ones!). So, lots of good reasons to get a small dog. Dont know where I will get one from yet, and it wont be until we move house. Possibly a shelter, although havent ruled out getting a papillion from a breeder....

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