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Monday, June 1, 2009

ADAA weekend

Just got home from a busy and fun weekend, where WA tried ADAA for the first time. Thanks to Sue having hurt her back I had an extra dog to run so between the 3 dogs (Terra Jess and Dan) I had between 50-60 runs over the 3 days! We all had a good time, the weather held up without the threatened rain/storms and most dogs gained at least their first ADAA title. Terra tried extremely hard for me all weekend and despite the fact she was jumping 650 which is 15cm higher than she normally jumps, managed to get enough clear rounds to get both her AAD and SAAD titles which I was very happy about. She struggled a fair bit on the 650 jumps and I wouldnt like to have to always run her at that height as I think her conformation is not suited to it. This puts us into the advanced class for the big ADAA trial next weekend at Mackisville, which is going to be interesting as doing a hard course on that height will be very challenging for us both. I have always thought of Terra as a 'good dog' but the amount of effort she was putting into keeping her bars up today in particular was a real extra effort on her behalf and I was so proud of her, she really tried as hard as she could which is as much as you can ask of any dog!
Jess had great fun running 400, a height that is much better suited to her now she's starting to slow down a bit, and I had fun running Dan, a very honest dog who also tried very hard this weekend, to get his AAD.

Secret went to training on Friday night and again had a mixed session..some lovely short sequences, particularly when jumping in a straight line. She's still inclined to back right off her jumps when she is turning, so I will need to work on that. She also had her running off silly times, and cannot cope with watching Terra or any other fast dog run, so still lots to work on..

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