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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Progress! and...a new house!

Well last night we went to training with just Secret and I decided to ask Tom to set up a novice jumping course, as I wanted to see what we still needed to work on. He set up a nice little course, with a few turns in it and I lined her up and set her at it. She was quite keen, barking on the start line, which for her is a very good sign. Much to my surprise, she managed the course really well with no issues, even with a rear cross (we haven't done much work on rear crosses). She was probably at 3/4 speed, she definitely slows down when she is not sure what I want/where she is supposed to be going, but she powered on the straight stretch home. She had a couple of run offs but was able to be called back, so all in all a successful session!

Mike and I were on tenterhooks waiting for a real estate agent to call..we had put in an offer on a house we liked in Greenwood (the suburb next to Warwick). We heard from him later that night, there had been another offer. We increased our offer and crossed our fingers..and first thing this morning we heard it had been accepted!
Its a really nice little house, small, but immaculately renovated with a nice back garden and best of all the back gate leads straight onto the park/oval! That was the selling point for me, as it means I can literally step out of my back gate and have a very large grassed area to train in, and the suburb is only about 15 minutes from the city with very easy access onto the freeway both north and south. The house is very pretty, with a white picket fence and a lovely front garden full with flowers (eek might have to do some gardening!)

I will try and post some pictures on friday..

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  1. Fingers crossed all goes through with the house Kriszty. It looks lovely - great wee buy there. Nice big kitchen and lounge room - and tiles too - easy to clean. That's what I'll be getting - I want wood and tiles on all the floors - not sure what colour yet - but yours is already done :-)) are getting to keep the dishwasher and fridge :-)) what about the massage table. lol

    Keep us updated on how you go