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Friday, June 19, 2009


The first trial back after the Macksville weekend was a double- header run by ACWA. It felt like a bit of an anticlimax, the jumps looked tiny in comparison to the ADAA heights (not that I'm complaining!) and on the 1st run I managed to jump Terra into an upright-ouch. Poor dog, she is SUCH a good girl, even though I created an impossible angle for her she tried anyway, and took the whole jump out. I hate stuffing up my dog! We continued after checking she was alright, and had a really nice run with her holding all her contacts until released, and keeping all her bars up. The next run was masters jumping, and it was a slightly challenging course but again she ran really well to win both her height (500) and the class overall. I am going to attempt to post that run if I can remember how to do it!
She also ran clear in both her classes in the afternoon to win them both..Masters Jumping I was again happy with, however in agility she self-released from EVERY contact which I was not happy with! Will have to start going back to address this issue as I don't want her releasing without my command- history has shown this does lead to earlier releases, resulting in a missed A Frame contact at Macksville, the first in her trialling career.
As for Secret..she went to training last night with Jess (who came along to have some fun on 400!) and technically was reasonable, doing a jumping exercise with front crosses, rear crosses and starting to learn pull throughs. However she was running off frequently between sequences and sometimes mid sequence, which I find very frustrating!
On the positive side she seemed to pick up the different crosses and exercises very quickly and while her speed wasn't the fastest, she certainly still turned it on in the straight lines..off to training again tonight.

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