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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trialling Weekends

Last weekend we had a double header at Gosnells, which was a fairly unsuccessful trial for us (you get those..) Terra was, well, naughty! She broke her start line which she hasn't done since she was 3 at the Adelaide nationals, and flew off her See Saw. She did OK in jumping but hard a hard luck call with bars being blown all over the ring, which made it very hard to see which way we were going!
Today we had Cloverdale's trial and once again she flew off her See Saw, the judge called me over afterwards and told me he would have passed it, but as far as I'm concerned Terra's job is to stay on the See Saw until released, not until SHE thinks she should go, so she was told to redo it. The rest of the run was great. She went clear in snooker, I think she must be getting quite close to her masters title which would be good to finish off as I don't think I will persevere with games after she has them. She had a nice run in Masters Jumping on a hard course to win overall by 2 seconds, despite a messy ending (me assuming I could get to a front cross which I could not!)
Secret had a very average week at training but was reasonably behaved at the trial, even managing a couple of jumps behind the trees.
I have started to look into getting another puppy, at this stage it will be a working border collie as we are now in the happy position of being able to have one!
I am not sure what is being bred out there in the agility world at the moment, so if anyone who happens to be reading this happens to know of any great litters being bred please contact me on: Kriszty@bigpond.net.au
I am looking for a high drive agility performance but yet must have an 'off switch', like my first 2 border collies. Calm stable temperaments that cope with most things, no aggression in the lines (well the odd snarky border collie bitch behaviour excepted!). Imported lines a bonus, I would quite like something 'different'. Hmm don't ask for much do I?! I can promise a good home, so if anyone knows of anything suitable please let me know..

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