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Monday, August 10, 2009

Progress..and moving house

Well I haven't updated about Secret for a while, and she has made some progress in training, the most notable aspect being that (touch wood) she has seemed to have stopped running off! Her running off 'zooming' was getting to be a HUGE problem and I am very relieved she seems to have decided to stick with me for the moment. Last week at training she actually ran PAST Brynn (her idol along with Terra) to continue doing agility so that was a huge step for her. She still isn't nearly as fast as I would like but we are working on building up her confidence as when she is confident she runs much faster. Will she be my next champion- probably not. Will she ever get in the ring- maybe yes!

And on another note we are moving house tomorrow and Thursday and then I'm straight off to Geraldton with Terra..hopefully runs to come.

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