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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shimmer update!

Thought it was time for some more pics of my beautiful girl..Mike and I are both really enjoying Shimmer, she has an enthusiasm for life and is QUITE the character!
Training wise she is progressing really nicely, being incredibly mature for 5 months and very focussed on her work. She is motivated both for her food and toys and has started her contact work and jumping. We are still working on control of those ever-growing back legs, quite often her enthusiasm for doing whatever it is will mean those legs go everywhere!
As well as being a joy to train she is also..well..demanding in everyday life unless she gets her way. If we are inside and I had the audacity to leave her outside she will throw herself at the door until I let her in. And, if we are eating and not feeding her frequently enough, she will bunt you with her head and cry. And if she's in her crate and thinks she shouldnt be..she'll bark. For hours. I wonder who's fault that is...

Some pics of my lovely girl

Meet Errol..

Check out her ears!!


  1. I have her brother so I enjoy the updates and he also likes food and toys and is very active and has rapidly expanding legs. Although he is not quite as demanding - chills in his crate nicely.

  2. Maybe you should start a blog for Drift, Caroline, I would love to see some pics!

  3. Yes I could once I work out how to! Drifts ears are like Shimmers, they are doing some weird things at the moment.