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Monday, June 14, 2010

Broken Dogs

I have 4 dogs. 3 of them are broken.
Jess= Managed congestive heart failure due to endocarditis. Readmitted to Murdoch 2 weeks ago in heart failure. Stayed at murdoch for 3 days on oxygen until she pulled through. Now at home again, thank goodness, although very skinny, amazingly still alive.
Terra= NOT BROKEN (although watch this space, I'm sure!)
Secret= Mentally broken. Well, doesn't want to be an agility dog anyway. Not being trained anymore.
Shimmer= Hip Dysplasia. Try telling her she has bad hips and has to have restricted exercise until she is fully grown. Try telling me I'm not allowed to train my lovely puppy, most enthusiastic dog I've ever trained. That's gone down like a lead balloon. The only slight consolation is all the swimming she gets to do..Shim loves the water.

Surely thats all the bad luck one person needs to have? Maybe for a lifetime of dogs?

Some runs from the non broken dog from the weekend..as usual thanks to Karen and Colin!

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  1. Yes I know how you feel, with 2 cruciates and my last 2 very keen to do agility ACDS with elbow dyplasia and a sound BC who would rather lie in the sun and chase rabbits than do agility. Hang in there with Shimmer, it is amazing what maturity and swimming can do, I am keeping fingers crossed for her brother.