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Wednesday, July 7, 2010


After the recent fairly positive post it seems so unfair to have to say that Jess is back at Murdoch in the ICU in heart failure. I got a call at 2am this morning to say she wasnt settling and panting, and drove over to see her, and it looked like she was in heart failure then so we drove her to murdoch, where she had a chest xray to confirm that yes, she was back in CHF again.
She's on oxgygen and big doses of dieurtics, they are trying another one cause shes not responding to frusemide :(
We need everyones thoughts and good wishes..shes a very sick girl :(((


  1. Oh no!! Lots of positive thoughts coming your way!

  2. Good luck to sweet Jess. Very upsetting to see those treasured older dogs struggling.

  3. Thanks guys..I'll let you know how she goes. Very touch and go at this stage :(