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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Which one?

Yes..we are definitely getting a new puppy. On Tuesday! Haven't decided which one yet..it will be one of three choices, either 'Meg' 'Split' or 'Arrow' (puppy names).
New pup will probably be called Mac's Anticipation..'Inkling/Ink'.
Hopefully the last pup we get for a good long while, we are very excited about the new addition to our family! Dad is 'Boylee Fred' (Richard's top 3 sheep dog) and Mum is 'Daheim Queani' (Sam's top 3 sheep dog). Previously this mating has produced very fast agility dogs (as well as top farm dogs) including Jules's 'Diva' who won Masters Jumping at the nationals this year. I am hoping for a happy, sound dog who wants to play agility, come for long walks and swims, and gets on with the girls and Mike without any dramas.




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