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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Ink has settled into her new home.. with very little fuss and a LOT of confidence! Nothing seems to bother this pup..she has met a lot of people with Christmas gatherings, been in a lot of different environments and takes it all in her stride. I am not taking her to anywhere that I think will have a lot of dogs, as parvo is very much out and about it Perth at the moment, so we haven't met many dogs, will have to rectify that once the 2nd vacc has taken effect.
She is also very independent, this girlie, is quite happy to go off and do her own thing with not much if any worry about where I am..
Training at the moment she is quite 'take it or leave it', she will work for a few minutes and then decide she is done! However she loves her toys and will tug quite well already (but doesn't bring them back).
Lots to work on, but I love her confidence and attitude to life, nothing worries my little miss!

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