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Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Studio Fun

We had some work friends over for a studio shoot with their new babies the other day (and I had the very hard task of trying to narrow down which photos they ended up with, a very difficult choice when there were so many stunning pics), and THAT meant I got another studio shoot with the dogs!
Shimmer actually obliged us, for the first time ever, apparently the camera was not a soul-stealer for once, and Inky now has some sort of vague resemblence of a stay, so we got some nice pics. Some samples below.

I love the look of studio pictures with proper lighting. Very different to outside shots.
As you can see, looks-wise, Inky is quite cute. The ears have threatened us with all sorts of strange combinations, but I think they will stay as they are, pointing out sideways. Not my preferred look (I preferred tipped), but much better than pricked or flopped, so we can live with it.
Behaviour wise Inky is an absolute gremlin at the moment! She is just over 4 months, and it feels like we have hit adolesence with a run. When asked to do something she doesnt want to do (most things), her preferred response is to pin her ears back and run in the opposite direction. Come? Nope. Stalk the cat? Yes. Play with the toy I am offering? Nope. Play tug with Shimmer? Yes. Dig the garden? Yes. Chew all my shoes and bras? Yes. Run away to the other side of the park or down the street? Yes, yes yes!!
So, she is a normal puppy! Quite a shock after Shimmer who came to us as an adult dog (hence the name Big Dog)..

Shimmer's training is going quite well, and she seems to be holding up to being trained. She absolutely loves it to pieces, and she makes me smile so much, as she practically does cartwheels at my side in her excitment to do agility. I love this dog so much its ridiculous (floppy ears and all!)
I hope her body will keep holding up and I am able to start trialling her soon(mainly just the dog walk holding us up now!), as Terra is probably going to go into semi-retirement soon. She will probably just come out for the big trials starting mid year, as I would really love to run her in one last nationals and want to start easing her back so I can hopefully do so.

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  1. Looks like Ink's dodgy ear has finally decided what direction it wants to take! Very cute :-)