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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Sunday saw Terra, Shim and I at another double header, this time back at canine.
I managed to stuff up *both* of Terra's agility runs..by running into a jump, no less, for the first one, and by not holding position for a very tricky opening for the second. We had better luck in masters jumping, picking up both AM and PM wins. The morning MJ course was a lovely spread out racetrack of a course, and was very exciting with pretty much all of the fast dogs going clear! Between 1-6th place there was apparently only 1 second. Terra had a lovely run, and just beat Diva (Ink's sister), who also had a ripper of a run, by only 0.25 of a second! It's great to see Jules and Diva blitzing it up in the ring again after having her pups.
Shim had a lovely run in NJ (NFC) in the morning..it was a great course for baby dogs and really gave them a chance to stretch out. The 'woof!' I got over the last jump is a sure sign she is enjoying herself! NJ in the afternoon was harder, and she gave it a good crack but couldn't quite make it. I am finding it quite hard to keep up with her, and I am not completely sure why that is. She definitely is no where near as fast as Terra, and I don't have that problem with her, but maybe its the fact that I still have to show Shim every jump? Anyway, we lost it towards the end of the 2nd run as I was not far enough in front of her to show her the way.
Blogger doesnt seem to want to let me post the vids below again (??) so I will link them from you-tube. Thanks to Colin for videoing and Karen for uploading, they are both stars!

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