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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Saturday saw yet ANOTHER double header trial, this time at Gosnells. Shim did NJ again (NFC) and had 2 nice runs, 1 of which is taped, will post above.
The weather was terrible, it pretty much rained all day and that made me very concerned about running Terra. The first run of the day for her was MA, and she had a nice happy fast run for 1st place. By the time we got to MJ it was raining quite hard and the ground was very wet. I thought about pulling her out, but decided to run her but not push her at all and take it cautiously (as cautiously as it is possible running Terra!) 2nd place by 0.02 of a second, haha.
MA in the afternoon she did a MASSIVE flyoff the see saw, had no idea at all that it wasn't the DW, unsure why, lots of dogs did the same thing. And she was very tired by the time we got to MJ (PM) and ran really slowly for her. She is definitely ready for her month off, which she will get after the next trial (another double header!) I would really like to keep her sound the WHOLE YEAR, would be a great change, so I am going to give her a rest. Can't remember the last year she wasn't out due to injury at some point (last year being the worst, she was out for around 4 months).

Having great fun training my puppy Ink..love her attitude and want to please..she is pure pleasure to play with! We are learning her running DW at the moment, and also doing a few jumps on 200 and grids. She would train forever, I have to keep reminding myself she is only a *puppy* (coming up 9 months) and to keep sessions brief.

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