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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Ink!

Ink is officially no longer a puppy..actually, she's coming upto 14 months and I am starting to think about trialling her..when she has learnt about another million things! She is a very sweet dog, cuddly and affectionate, who really doesn't like getting it wrong. Not particularly confident, and quite 'soft' in nature. Absolutely OBSESSED with toys (thank goodness!) and enjoyable to train as she is very focussed. Not as forward moving as Shim, which I think is from a lack of confidence. Turns on a dime, that is going to be her strong point I think, but needs to work on driving out more and ground speed. Very smart, but VERY easily offended.. it takes nothing to send her off into her crate to sulk for hours! Generally not too bad with other dogs (except when she was in season, then she reacted to everything and everyone!)
In general, a nice dog to have around the house.

Journey through the last 14 months..

Just born pic- (she is the 'split faced girl')- photo by Sam:

3-4 weeks- photo by Sam:

The day we picked her up- 7 weeks:

Last Christmas:

Growing up:

All grown up!

Happy (belated) Birthday Inkel Pinkel Toes!!

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