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Thursday, February 28, 2013

1st Trials..

In 2 days time, both Ink and Rosi will debut, together, in novice at the Western Classic. Between the two of them they are both the oldest (Ink) and youngest dogs I have ever started in the ring. Ink will be 2 years and 4 months old and Rosi will be 18months and 2 days old. Ink would have been in the ring earlier if it hadn't been for her injured psoas.. but really I am still not completely convinced she is ready from a confidence point of view. Rosi has LOTS of confidence, but probably not the skill level, just yet. She will only run in novice jumping, as her running A Frame is still a work in progress (happy with how it is going, though).

Predictions with how they will go...hmmm. Predict that Ink will be cautious, stay with me and stay on course, might go clear. Rosi will be less cautious, will hopefully stay with me (although off courses are an option, ha!) and will probably drop bars (hopefully not too many!). I am using the trial for both dogs to assess where they are in their training, and what we need to work on, although I am pretty aware of what they both need. The next trial for both my baby dogs will be ADAA the weekend before the states, when Rosi will hopefully be ready to do her contacts. Looking forwards to the states with both of them.

Shim has also been entered at the classic, and she will run in her individual events. She gets very little training so it will be interesting..as long as she has fun, that is all that matters. Goodness knows she has been dealt such a rough hand in life, if I can make her happy I try to wherever possible.

Terra has also been entered, but I am still umming and aahing over whether to run her. Her mind is still willing, but the body is increasingly looking like it is not. She is a very different dog to the Terra in her prime and I am increasingly getting nearer to saying 'enough is enough' and celebrating the career she had. I don't think I will run her in NFC at a lower height however she will continue to have 'her go' when I am training the others (she is very vocal if she doesn't get a go!)

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