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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The search for the perfect stacked pic..

I have just started doing an online structure course, run by the agility structure guru, Helen King.
The dog I am using for this course is the Red Dog (she definitely has the best structure out of all mine) and our 1st assignment is to produce the 'perfect' stacked photo. Which is WAY harder than I anticipated.. even with the Red Dog behaving much better than I thought. She was pretty patient with me placing her feet, and obliging about looking at her toy ...repeat, repeat, repeat. Still can't get those front feet under her enough!
This is what we have so far, but the guru says we must keep working on it. Going to get some help from show people this weekend...

Red Dog's 1st attempts at being at show dog..  (you can see how long we have been at this by the length of her tongue..)

'just let me at the ***** toy already!'
There appears to be a bit more to this show bizzo than I realised.. (sorry show people, but I appreciate it now!)

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