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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sheltie Club trial

Saturday morning dawned bright and sunny.. set for a good day (once I realised the trial was: a) not held at canine and b) how to GET from canine to gosnells.. luckily I started early that day!)
I had Shimmer, Ink and Rosi in their respective agility and jumping classes, for both the morning and the afternoon. My long suffering husband had also agreed to come down and take some pics of the dogs doing agility (finally!). All pics by Mike Kelly of Star Creations. Very happy with how they turned out!

Shimmer had an off day, no other way of putting it. Mike seems to really distract her and her first run was a dogs' breakfast with missed contacts and general inattention. She had 2 better goes at masters jumping, but no clears. The second excellent agility course was really hard, and we got an off course. Not a good day for her.

Nope, she didn't stop on this See Saw!
Ink did pretty well.. with 3 out of 4 clears (she was also distracted by Mike on her 1st run), for 2 first places and a second (to Red Dog). She gained her novice jumping title..still needs to work a LOT on speed and drive. 

Baffled as to the reason this dog is not running faster. She definitely enjoys herself out there, just doesn't seem to have the confidence to drive forward much. Still hoping it will come with time.. although she is not a young dog any more. I think she will do some NFC novice jumping runs before I put her upto excellent.

Ink making very sure she doesn't hit any more spreads!

Here are her runs, kindly taped by Karen:

Weaving Power!
Red Dog.. well she certainly does not lack in forward drive! Was reasonably happy with her, her 1st agility run caused lots of gasps from the crowd when she massively misjudged the A Frame approach and nearly fell ass over apex.. and then, not at all worried by her near death-by-A Frame experience, proceeded to demolish the last jump, uprights and all.

Both jumping runs were reasonable, she went clear in one of them despite not really listening to any of my turning cues.. to win in 17.1 seconds. The last novice agility run was a mess with nothing really going right, including leaping gaily from nearly the top of the dog walk!
Yep, she stopped on this one. Mostly.

Check out the ears!

Her runs for your viewing pleasure below. Love LOVE running my crazy Red Dog!

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