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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Red Dog Love

At the request of one of my readers, here is an update on the Red Dog (Hi, Zoe!) Its not hard to talk about this dog because I absolutely love her to pieces. Very VERY pleased with how her training is coming along. Her running A-Frame is coming along really nicely, with straight exits now looking good even without the mat. Turns are a work in progress, but we are working on them. Jumping wise we are now working on more grown up skills like pull throughs and backs of jumps. I generally train her on sand, which does slow her down slightly and make it easier for me to get the handling correct!
Her weaver entries are pretty good, and her dog walk is improving (am still noticing a distinct difference in her speed when she goes on a new dog walk for the first time though, so we will continue to work through this). She is just about ready to hit the trialling ring properly, which is very exciting.

Temperament wise she is an absolute sweetheart. Very VERY toy motivated (yesterday was the FIRST session I have been able to use the manners minder with her, previously she just hasn't been interested in food!) She often sleeps with her kong in her mouth (the 'kong pacifier') and generally pretty laid back around the house. She is good with other dogs, and friendly with people. My parents have been walking her off lead around Jackadder Lake (full with water birds running round, kids, bikes and many dogs), since she was a 6 month old pup.
Just a really nice dog and I am very thankful I am able to train and trial her because she is so much fun!
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  1. Thanks Kriszty :)
    Always love hearing about this gorgeous girl. Maybe I should put in requests more often ;) Zx