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Sunday, September 1, 2013

And then there was one..

More lame dogs, apparently we can't get enough of them round here!
Shimmer has been VERY lame on her LH for the last couple of weeks. As in only toe-touching, practically non weight bearing. Apparently it is her hip (I was worried about her knee her hips seem to have settled down over the last 12 months or so). Perhaps she is remodelling again, I don't know. So, more rest, pain relief, massage etc. Mike keeps saying she should retire from agility.. I am undecided as of yet. Have scratched her from all her upcoming trials and will keep a close eye on her. My poor Shimmer..all she wants to do is play/do agility with me but her body has never been up to the task.
So the focus is *very* much on the Red Dog at the moment.. luckily she loves it and is very upto the task!

In other news, guess who has come to stay for a bit?

This is 'Tex' (aka Enve Sierra Gold). He is a papillon, a whopping 2.4kg heavy, and 7 months of age. He is here for a bit to do some basic agility training. The girls are a little bemused by him, but are playing with him very gently. They think he is probably a dog (although a talking squeaking toy was on the agenda for a while!) I am a little bemused by him as well, he is SO small! He is very cute and very cuddly- do not try and get him to sleep anywhere apart from the bed! (preferably next to my head..) 

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