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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tex update

Young Tex is certainly making himself at home.. I am not sure he will be going anywhere!
I am a big fan of the pappy cuddliness.. he is a big Mummy's boy and will always come and cuddle when I am sitting/lying down. I am NOT so much a fan of the pappy 'yeah..if it suits me' attitude. Hit and miss, is the best way to describe his training at the moment! Some moments of real goodness.. some  'I do not want to train-ness'. Very foreign for me as I have previously only had border collies that have trained whenever I have asked them to, rain, hail or shine..
He seems to like the little bits of jumping and tunnels we have done. His training is extremely unstructured at this stage. I want him to enjoy what he is doing, and run fast. That's it, at the moment! If I think he will enjoy it, we do it. Otherwise, we don't. His mat work for contacts is not going well, chiefly because I don't have anything that he will drive to leave out in front yet. The Manners Minder that I used for Shim and Ink doesn't work, as working for kibble is not in the pappy repertoire at the moment. I have ordered a Ready Treat, so hopefully that will help when it arrives. We are still working on toy drive,so using a NRM with a toy is not going to happen. Natural contacts perhaps... ? (she says hopefully!)
Here are some short clips of us playing:

We have an adolescent dog in the house again.. so there has been plenty of naughtiness. Couldn't resist taking a picture of this one..how cute is this ?!

Pappy Heaven..

In other news, the specialist (Dr Mark Glyde) thinks Shimmer has probably torn her gastrocnemius muscle on her LH. He doesn't think it is her knee (although he can't rule out very early cruciate disease completely), but he can see mineralisation of the insertion of the muscle on her xrays, and she has some fabella pathology. This is apparently a fairly common injury, but it is only seen in border collies (and tennis players!) Something to do with their crouching/herding posture. Still don't know what is wrong with Ink for sure..going to continue to break her from agility and try again next year. If she pulls up lame again next year then she will be out for good.

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