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Friday, November 20, 2015

Puppies week 2

OK, I know I am biased, but these are SUPER cute puppies. They are really not babies anymore, with all of them being able to walk/totter and see. Ears will come in the next few days.
Personality wise I have a soft spot for Uber at the moment.. he has decided that my lap is the place he wants to be. Such a boy! And he is very flashily marked, with everything being completely symmetrical. Styx is still the boldest puppy, he has managed to get out of the pen and half way across the floor before being corralled. Still the biggest as well, with more tri markings coming through. Mist has caught up with Uber, weight-wise, and is definitely holding her own. Fleet is still little, 300g lighter than Styx (!) but is growing well and is a pretty girl. She is the cuddlier of the 2 girls.
ENS/ESI has nearly finished.. last night tonight. Thank goodness, they really don't like it (especially being held down and on their backs). They did quite like the smelling though, we did a crushed leaf last night. As ENS finishes we get onto proper life stimulation! I will introduce a couple of toys today, also want to take them outside for a few minutes when it gets cooler. When they are walking a bit better will start getting them on different surfaces. And the visitors will start soon, am waiting till they can hear and have some groups of kids I want to get round.
Here are a couple of vids in the puppy pen. Will do another formal photo shoot this weekend to show off their eyes!

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