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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Sports Medicine Course- Chris Zink

I have just returned from Sydney where I spent 3 days with Chris Zinc learning all about canine sports medicine.. with a focus on agility as that is the most popular dog sport. I learnt a lot and thoroughly enjoyed the course. We covered all sorts of topics, from doing 'sports ready' exams with dogs BEFORE they start major training/competing, conditioning plans, lameness exams for those subtle to see soft tissue injuries, the type of injuries sports dogs tend to get, and recommended treatment including retraining programs. I particularly enjoyed the information on the importance of lead legs and what it can mean if a dog is on the 'wrong lead' as it is not something I have thought much about before, despite having a riding background as well. I am hoping to complete the rest of the Canine Rehabilitation Institute's rehab course, with the next section being offered in October. In the meantime I am changing the way I condition the dogs, to a slightly more targeted/ scientific method. And also including the dogs that don't do agility (it is now a sea of dogs in the conditioning room in the mornings! All except Zen!) And the supplements have had an overhaul as well. Chris also kindly looked at the Red Dog for me, and was happy with all her muscles apart from the paraspinals and ventral obliques which we need to improve.
I think Zen grew about a foot when I was away.. photos to come soon.

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