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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Zen and her mother

Zen is coming up 5  months on Thursday, so I made Mike take some more pics. She seems to have slowed down the growth a little which has also meant her appetite has decreased (and it was small in the first place, very much like her mother). She is extremely picky with her food.. won't eat her veggies in the morning and thinks I am trying to poison her when I try to give her fish oils (covered in peanut butter). In contrast Red now eats all her breakfast! Having babies has made her a) hungrier and b) more affectionate.
Zen is a girl who is ALL about motion. She gets bored pretty quickly doing static behaviours, especially as I am rewarding with kibble to decrease the amount of rubbish she gets while growing. I can only do a few reps before breaking her off to play or to chase thrown kibble. She differs from her mother there, Red is all over ANY training and gets OTT excited (complete with dilated pupils). When I bring motion in (particularly chasing me), Zen thinks it is the best fun ever. She is very fast when she drives to catch me, not as fast when she is working away.
Currently we are working on: body awareness.. she has quite a lot of angulation in her backend and her hocks are considerably further out than Reds'. I have noticed this makes it harder for her to control them and place her back feet accurately. We are working on walking the ladder backwards and sideways, as well as other bits and pieces. Her cone wrapping is going pretty well, and we have JUST started flatwork in H360. She enjoys her cone wrapping. She does grids approx once/week (and set point when I remember) and quite likes them. Her jumping seems reasonable, not as drivey or extended as her mother, but she also seems to be able to collect, which is novel. She has also started foottargetting (not a fan), nose touches (coming along OK but see earlier note re static behaviours) and her 'back' and 'turn' (L and R wrap). She impressed me, actually, as I always teach this with luring and it normally takes FOREVER for the dog to get it. She has already got the 'back' direction and I think 'turn' isn't far off. Smart-ish, maybe.. (hopefully not too smart as I am against smart BCs in agility).

Red has been back in the ring for about a month and she is so much fun. We had 2 or 3 trials in a row with little stuff going wrong, mainly bars and flying off the new height see-saw. Saturday night we both got it together and managed to win BOTH masters agility and jumping beating some fast dogs so that was exciting. We will continue to work on her turning ability..esp running into front crosses. She will always prefer to jump straight then turn. She is not happy on the new height See Saw so we have more work to do there. I have decreased the amount of weaving she does as it is the obstacle hardest on their backs, so I was pleased she got the hard soft sided entry on Sat night. I was having a play with her running dog walk, but have decided to leave the stop as it is for everything apart from straight exits. The nationals are coming up very quickly now, hope we are ready in time. Most importantly, with all the work I am doing with her she is staying sound (touch wood!) and hasn't needed much body work.
Vids below:

EDITED to say Mike managed to delete the pics of Zen off his camera :( So he will have to try again!

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