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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Starting 2x2s

I had decided to try Susan Garrett's new '2x2' weaving method to try and teach Secret her weaving entries. In my opinion this method doesn't teach the footwork I want her to have (single tracking), however it seems to be really good for teaching entries.
Karen very kindly lent me the DVD as I could not understand the method just reading about it in Clean Run. Secret quickly picked up the idea of running between the 2 poles and was rapidly up to having the poles fairly close together and was racing through them wherever I stood.
Today I straightened the poles and had 4 in a straight line and she was nailing most of her entries however I noticed her footwork had gone from single striding through to bouncing through them (still very quickly). I don't want her doing this so might go back to V setting the weavers to encourage nicer footwork.
I also have to watch the rest of the DVD to see what she suggests and will continue working them with her.

On another note we had a bit of an 'episode' with Secret reacting to 2 people that were in the front garden with her and my partner. She is seeming to be quite anxious about people being in 'her' front garden and ran in, barked anxiously at them and bolted again. I will have to address this anxiety and at this stage will manage the situation by having her on a lead and rewarding her for being relaxed and paying attention to me. Haven't had to deal with this issue before, as my other 2 border collies haven't been reactive. Secret and her whole litter appear to be VERY reactive, so I guess it will be another learning experience for me!

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