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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Down at the farm!

Havent posted in a while, and have also decided to open this up for more people to read, to keep it interesting..

Over easter Jess, Secret Mike and I went down to a friends farm, to visit and to do some sheepwork with the dogs. Terra did not come down as her version of sheepwork does not match with mine (everything done at agility-speed) and I didnt want her injured with the states the following weekend.

The dogs had a great time, Jess especially, although it was sad to see that she really doesnt have the speed to get round the sheep if they decide to run in the big paddock. She still enjoyed herself though, with the help of Sam's well trained sheepdogs, pretending she was a 'serious working dog'. Secret also had fun, working well for Richard (Sam's other half), in particular. She also had a go working with Mike and did reasonably, she seems to be a mans' dog which doesnt bode well for me! Its always very fascinating watching the instinctive ability in your dog being brought out, without you having to do anything at all, its all genetically built into the dog from birth. Obviously it recquires training to bring that ability out and extend it but the basics are already there, unlike agility where everything has to be taught.

Here are some of the pictures my long suffering partner took ('PLEASE can you bring a camera down!'

(Mike Kelly Star Creations 2009)

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