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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Baby Steps..and a New Collar!

A present arrived for Secret in the post the other day..a 'designer' dog collar. Now, personally, I'm not really that into 'designer' bits and pieces, however my partner is involved in the fashion industry, and is trying very hard to 'bling' me up. Apparently this now also applies to the dog! I came home last week to a very satisfied guy who informed me he had found 'the perfect' collar and for some large amount of money (too large!) said collar would be arriving shortly.
When it arrived, we were actually out so we came home to one of those 'sorry we missed you' notes on the front door by the postie. Mike found it hard to reign in his impatience until 4:30pm the following day when we could go and collect said collar. But, finally, the big moment arrived and THE collar was placed around Secret's neck. It is a nice collar, black leather with white patterns, some westie design, and it does suit her. Whether it comes with a brain transplant is yet to be seen..

The night THE collar arrived we went down to training. The lights were off again so we carried a few jumps up to train under the street lamps. I decided to get Secret out before anyone else had started and whether it was the collar or just a coincidence I actually felt like I had an agility dog! I started her on the advanced sequence, which was really too hard, and she flew round, taking pretty much any jump she felt like and shooting through miscellaneous tunnels. I started laughing because she was just going wherever she wanted, not reading my cues at all. Still a big improvement from running to chase other dogs though! So then we moved onto an easier sequences, a straight tunnel and 3 jumps and she flew through them all, having an absolute blast. She even ignored a young dog coming towards her to keep doing the course, which is a massive step for her.
Its definitely not going to be an easy process though, when she wasnt running she was screaming at the other dogs..but at least a small step in the right direction. Of course Mike thinks it is all due to the collar!
Baby Steps...

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  1. Do they make those collars in a sheepdog variety? I need one for Esme.