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Friday, May 22, 2009

Training Last Night

Well, am pleased to repeat that we had another relatively good session last night. OK, there were good bits mixed in with the normal bunking off to see other people and dogs so much more interesting than me!

I was concerned about Secret's A Frame so had stopped doing it until I could get some stride regulators on to sort her out. Her version of the A Frame: run up, leap over the top, put one small stride in above the contact, leap the entire contact and then stop at the bottom in 2o2o. This didnt agree with my version, and I suspect might not agree with some judge's version of a faultless A Frame either! So, last night we put stride regulators on for her and had her striding into the A Frame contact zone before stopping in 2020. I dont think stride regulators always work that well for creepy or 'down' running dogs, of which we have quite a few in WA, but if the dog runs more 'up' then I think they can work quite well.

Her jumping sequence was pretty good as well. She could go faster, it feels like she is running at approx 3/4 speed at the moment, but she was responding to my body and verbal cues and turning nicely. Towards the end she also managed to do some A Frames with another dog sitting only 10m away which she could not have done 3 months ago. It feels like she is just starting to enjoy the game of agility..now all I have to do is train her how to jump, turn, weave, oh and stop running off I suppose...Ha

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