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Sunday, May 10, 2009

WA States 2009

The state titles were held the weekend after we got back from the farm, and this year, for the first time, I would only have one dog competing (Terra). Secret was in no way ready to go into the ring and Jess is pretty much retired now, only coming out to play on special events (and at training where she is enjoying running at the 400 height!)
Terra had a bit of a hit-and-miss states, on the friday night she went off course in masters agility and did something (cant remember what!) in open jumping and dropped a bar in masters jumping..she managed a clear in open agility for a win and a place in the finals but saturday came with everything to play for as she was only in one final. She managed a clear for another win in open jumping but did not go clear in either masters agility or jumping which meant my predominately masters dog was not in any masters class finals. Quiet state finals for me!
In the open agility finals she knocked a bar so we worked the contacts. Open jumping was our last chance and a small border collie jumping the low 400 height had already done a very fast round so I knew we were going to have to give it everything. Terra felt a little flat, so I got out her toy and tugged with her to get her up a bit higher. I pushed her for everything she had that round and she responded to the best of her ability. I was very proud of her, suspecting that she had been beaten still but she had given it her all. It was a very nice suprise at presentations to recieve the 2009 State Open Jumping title, having won by 0.02 of a second! (thank goodness for timing gates!)

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