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Monday, October 5, 2009

Show N Go!

Well finally an update on this blog that is actually on the subject of the blog..
Secret had her 1st ring appearance on Sunday at the Show N Go. It was a great time to get her in the ring, as food and training in the ring was encouraged.
She ran 4 courses, 2 modified masters courses and 2 novice courses. She was very excited to be there, barking and carrying on like a bit of a lunatic, which was good to see! For the 1st jumping course I got Mike to hold her at the start line in a restrained recall and she powered off the start line, and ran a relatively confident jumping round, focussing on me and her job which I was very pleased with!
Her next course was an agility course, this time I asked her to wait at the start..which she sort of did..apart from the barks that she assured me 'pushed' her off her start line wait..hmm we will have to see how that goes!
Her A frame was nice, but her dog walk wasn't as confident with me rear crossing so we ran back to do it again. She handled the line of jumps quite easily after the dog walk and then fell off the table..more to work on. Her weavers were quite pretty but not as fast as I would like, and I would also prefer her to drive more over her jumps but all in all not a bad job for her debut!
Not long now till she is in the ring 'properly' (albeit in NFC) and although we still have lots to work on, I now feel more confident that she will at least be able to get into the ring!

She's come a long way in the last couple of months..from a dog that was consistently running off EVERY training session and would not focus on me at ALL, to a do that is now trying most of the time. Hopefully more to come..!

Linda kindly taped one of her agility runs and sent it to me, so I will put that up as soon as I work out how to..kindly uploaded by Karen.

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  1. wow Kriszty - she's awesome.

    Just a few novicy baby things but OMG I thought she was gonna be plodding over the jumps the way you were talking.

    Awesome contacts and weaves - well done buddy - now I am getting Mini the hell out of novice agility :-))) (might put her back on 400, lol).

    Fantastic stuff and we've got more to come.

    Well done Secret for your first outing at agility - good girl and Diva, Sam and Mini think so too

    Jules :-p