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Sunday, October 25, 2009

World Dog Games

Well in 2 days we are off to Sydney for the inaugural World Dog Games to be held in Homebush, Acer Arena. We are very excited and a little nervous! Terra has been selected to run in the agility competition, there will be 4 dogs competing in the each class, and there are 2 classes. This will be a very big event, they have already sold 7,000 tickets with another 7,000 tickets still expecting to be sold. It will be televised on channel 7, not sure when it will be shown. As well as agility, there is a flyball and canine Disc Dogs competition, and a demo of Dock Diving. Greg Derret is doing a seminar both afternoons, and there will be lots of stalls and dog related merchandise! Its going to be a big event!
I have been stressed beyond belief (just ask my family!) whether Terra was going to be able to compete, she hurt her toe about 6 weeks ago, repeating an injury she did 2 years ago in Geraldton. I pulled her out of everything, including the royal show, to try and make sure it was going to be OK for the games. Then, when I took her to training at Northern Suburbs a couple of Wednesdays ago, she tore a big chunk of pad off her back foot! I couldn't believe it! So I had to give her ANOTHER week and a half off to try and give the pad a chance to heal. Finally I trained her last Wednesday and then again on Sunday. She trained well, thank goodness! I suppose 2 training sessions in the last 8 weeks are better than none!
We leave Perth early Wednesday morning, and Thursday we are getting our uniforms, meeting the judges and looking over the grounds. Friday is the dress rehearsal and the show is on from 12-3pm Saturday and Sunday. Wish us luck! Our aim is to have fun and show everyone what a blast doing agility can be!

On another note, since its supposed to be Secrets' blog, Secret starts trialling when we get back. She is entered in our first evening competition, in novice, not for competition. I'm not sure what she will do, I think we may have a problem with her waiting on the start line, something I have now started to address at training. I haven't wanted to make a fuss about it earlier since she really wasn't that driven to do agility, and I think that was the right decision. Hopefully she is keen and runs fast, thats all I want out of her at this stage.

There is also some more news, but that will wait for another update..

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