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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mac's KeepaSecret AD

Well..Miss Secret has her first title..she gained her 'AD' (Agility Dog) yesterday at the GSDA trial, with a first place to boot. Considering her mind was more than half on the kelpie running in the next ring I was impressed she managed to go clear, the course wasnt easy either.
What's next for Secret? Well, hopefully her JD at the nationals (all going well), and then we shall just see if she wants to keep doing agility. It still amazes me she is actually in the ring given how hard she was (and is) to train.. a fellow competitior and I were talking about our respective young dogs and we both concluded they were sent to us to make us better trainers and for us to learn from, and I have certainly learnt from Secret!
Here is a vid of her AD run- kindly sent by Sue/Linda.

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