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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Well the nationals are over for the next two years..and we had a mostly good time!
The organisers did a great job, and so did Terra, she really was a super-star.
She got into 3 finals (missing out on masters jumping by knocking the last bar after her stupid handler said 'good girl' mid jump!) and she didnt make any errors in the finals. I, however made one in the masters agility final, but we both got it together in open agility and jumping meaning Terra is:


National Open Agility Winner- Overall (fastest time out of all heights)

National Open Jumping Winner- Overall (fastest time out of all heights)

She's an absolute one in a million dog and I am so VERY lucky to have her to trial!

Secret on the other hand..didnt cope very well at all. She found the whole environment too much to cope with and compensated by running away, mainly! She will stop agility now for at least the next 6 months to see if her brain needs to grow up a bit more or if she just doesnt want to play this game.

Tommorow I am off to the UK to represent Australia at the World Agility Champs! Looking forward to the experience and seeing all those world class people up close and personal. I will try and keep this updated, but that will depend how much internet access I have.

Below are some great pics taken by Robyn Evans of the nationals and state trial.

Great video taken by Karen!

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