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Sunday, July 18, 2010

More updates..

Well overdue for an update on Jess..it has been another traumatic week (getting slightly sick of them actually!)
Jess is out of MPEC..she came home last Sunday, despite the vets thinking she needed more time on oxygen. That morning she sneezed and sneezed, until she got the nasal oxygen lines out, then refused to let them go back in! She looked at the vet and cocked her head when she spoke to her. That afternoon she was home! She is a very very sick dog, my parents are currently getting up at 12am each night to give her frusemide, as she needs in 4 times a day. We are enjoying each day we have with her until we have to make that difficult decision.

Secret, not to be outdone, decided that we weren't paying her enough attention. So she decided to jump off a cliff. Yes- literally! We were walking them in an old quarry Sunday morning and she was having a great time, running up and down hills and generally being a lunatic. We decided to start heading for home, and she ran ahead of us, down what we thought was just another hill. Until we heard a yelp, ran to the edge and discovered to our absolute HORROR that it was actually a 12 m sheer drop! She was at the bottom- holding up her right hind leg and my heart just stopped. We both bolted down to her and when I examined her I found she had dislocated her hip. Rushed her to the vet, and under anaesthetic put the hip back in place and put her in a sling. Unfortunately, when we took the sling off yesterday we found it had popped out again so back to the vet we went, where luckily our orthopedic vet Ben managed with a LOT of pulling to get it back in place. At the moment she is obviously in strict crate rest, and so far (touch wood!) it is still in. If it comes out again, she will have to have surgery.

Shimmer is enjoying her rehab for hip dysplasia which consists of swimming, exercises and walking on he underwater treadmill which she loves. This is run by a lady called Carmel at www.activepetrehab.com. She started off going twice a week, but now goes once a week and she loves it (although she would love it MORE if we would let her splash and chase the bubbles, rather than just walking!) She is doing really well with her baby training in the garden, although we are taking it easy until she is 12 months now. I will rexray her hips then to see what they look like so fingers crossed..

Terra is back in training (hooray!) and her foot seems to be OK (touch wood again!) She is back to trialling this weekend, and she is shooting a commercial on Monday! She has to kill a slipper, so hopefully she is in a killing mood..

Terra- Superhero!

(This pic is old and not really related, but I like it and I dont have any others at the moment..)

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