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Monday, July 19, 2010

Terra the STAR

Warning, brag ahead, it feels good to post some good news!

I have just been informed by Canine that Terra has, once again, won WA Agility AND Jumping Dog of the Year (2009-2010). Unexpected, because she missed a lot of trials last year due to injury (leading up to the world dog games), but all the sweeter for that, and SO nice to have some good news again!
Thats the 2nd year she has won both, and the 4th year she has won one.

2007: Won Masters Jumping at the nationals, and JDOTY (age 3)
2008: Won Masters Jumping at the nationals and ADOTY (age 4)
2009: No nationals held, won ADOTY and JDOTY (age 5)
2010: Won Open Agility and Open Jumping Overall at the nationals, and ADOTY and JDOTY (age 6)

While I'm bragging..
2004: Jess won ADOTY (2nd in masters jumping and open agility at nationals)
2005: Jess won ADOTY and JDOTY (3rd open agility nationals)
2006: Jess won ADOTY (2nd masters agility nationals finals, 1st in heat)

And I think Terra is possibly the only dog to win 3 nationals in a row? Not 100% sure about that one..

OK brag over!!

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  1. Well done Kriszty and Terra. Terra is undoubtedly a superstar and a dog we all wish we had. Well deserved and I'm sure won't be the last :-)