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Friday, October 1, 2010

Royal Return

I decided I would run Terra at the Royal Show.. we had to enter quite far in advance, before she went lame. I was going to take her to training once before the event, but then got bitten quite badly on the knee by a dog at work on the Tuesday before the show, so training was out (actually walking was out!)
We elected not to compete in the teams and instead just did masters on the Monday. Armed with 10 weeks of NOT training my expectations were very low..all I wanted was a sound dog at the end of the day!
Her first run was masters jumping, and she was a little tentative but had a nice run up until the final 3 jumps..she didn't read the fairly hard rear cross very well and spent the last 2 jumps turning to look at me to ask 'where? where?'..'straight ahead of you! aaargh'! Go-ons have never been Terra's strong point and the lack of training have not made them any stronger! 2nd place.
In masters agility she had a LOVELY run up until the 3rd last bar..which she dropped. Bugger. Fastest time but 5 faults.
I walked her out for ages and put her away. A couple of hours later I got her out holding my breath (previously this was when she was lame). She had a very slight hobble of one step but then immediately walked normally. A cautious hooray!
So Terra goes back into training and hopefully we can finish the year off. She will continue her rehab treatments to try and strengthen her wrists.

Shimmer is still on rest..ho hum. Looking into some surgical options for her. More later.

Video courtesy of Karen once again!

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