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Friday, October 15, 2010

Studio Fun!

Last Friday we had the opening of our new Studio, and spent the day playing around with different effects. I had my first taste of the 'glamorous' world of models and photography..OK, I was the official 'gofer'. Suited me fine, with what Mike was doing to the models! After the intial 3 hours of hair and makeup (in which time I just may have been inside watching agility videos), we started shooting. Well Mike started shooting and I..uh..lit the girls up. Yes, on fire. See photo below. The studio worked out really well and Mike was very pleased with the images he got from the shoot. There may have been one or two hair-catching-on-fire incidents, but we got it out quickly. And, we had a fire extinguisher there. So safety was always at the forefront of our minds..uh except for the probably completely unsafe and insane idea of teasing up waist length hair a la 'goth' look and spraying it with literally 1/2 a can of hair spray.. hmm...

So, yes, we may have sizzled a couple of model's fringes..but we had a hair dresser there, so apart from the physchological damage, it was an easy fix. 1 studio still standing. 1 valuable lesson- foot length hair + 1 can hairspray= 1 large fireball.

I am going to be organising a studio photography day or 2 for agility people (dogs/families). $100 per person, and you'll get the shoot and two 8x10 photos (and can purchase extras for $25 per photo (8x10)). Will need a minimum of 3 people. Let me know if you are interested on: Kriszty@bigpond.net.au

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