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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More trials..and tribulations!

Last Sunday saw our club (Northern Suburbs) host the first double header of the year. I have a LOT more sympathy for trial secretaries/organisers now after being one of the organising commitee (and there were several on the commitee! I don't know how people do it all by themselves..)
I was absolutely exhusted by the end of the day, after running round putting courses up, vetting, changing courses and running my own dogs..all in the heat of the day (face is still feeling it!)
Below are Terra's 4 masters runs, unfortunately only 1 of them was clear (MA PM 1st place overall), the others were the dreaded one bar wonder in jumping, and a rare off course in the mornings MA (very hard course!) Shim did NJ NFC and had a ball, I'm pleased to report! Now we just need to sort out her DW and then she can do agility again..will be a few months I think.
Thanks to Karen again for videoing and putting these up for me, she was videographer extrordinaire, running around all day!


  1. Ha ha!! Welcome to the world of tial organising Kriszty!! Draining isn't it, but also very rewarding when you see competitors enjoying the fruits of your labour. It's very difficult to give your dogs the time and attention they need to trial when you are involved with the running of a trial. Congratulations on taking that step :-)

  2. Oh thanks Jacqui, however I was only 1 of a group of people that organised the NS trial.
    It was lucky we had a great group of people and lots of lovely volunteers since we had no other help on the day.