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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Geraldton Fun!

Karen and I had a fun weekend at Geraldton with Terra, Sonic and Shimmer. The girls did well with 2 wins each. Terra had bad luck on her 2nd MA run with one of the tunnels pulling out on her causing her to roll over in the middle of it and unfortunately was a very naughty girl on her AF on the re run. She won both MJ runs the next day. The 2nd run, in particular, was really nice over quite a technical course. The judge commented that it was 'messy' much to my surprise.. judge for yourself!

Shim had 2 good agility runs, with nice DWs, hooray! She won the 1st one, and I left her to get into the weavers by herself which she wasn't able to do.
Her 1st NJ run was lovely, she really extended over the jumps and then was completely unable to turn for the end of the course, haha. Shim is as bendy as a piece of stiff carboard, despite all my efforts to improve this! Her 2nd NJ run was her time to remind me she is still a baby dog, apparently. Ha. Vids below, thanks to Karen again!
Thanks to Geraldton for a great trial..it was great actually having prizes, it feels like it has been ages since we actually won anything!

Messy run? I think not..not that time anyway!

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