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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back trialling

It was nice to be back, after a month off trialling, and I took Terra and Shimmer to the GSDA on Saturday, where they had 2 runs each.
Unfortunately due to the weather, I had not been able to do ANY training with Terra, and she had an error in both masters runs, an uncharacteristic missed weave entry after a fall-off-the-seesaw in MA, and a bar in MJ (probably my fault, bad handling).
Shim, on the other hand, was a little star! She went clear in a tricky NJ course (I think maybe the only dog?), and they tried to give her the win, until I told them it was a NFC run. Then she went clear in OJ, on only her third ever go! It was a nice run, although by no means perfect, as she didn't read a rear cross very well to have a B-I-G wide turn. She nailed a tricky weave entry, though, and did the distance no problem so I was *very* pleased. I assumed she would place fairly low down the bottom of the class, so imagine my surprise when she came 3rd! And less than 1 second off the winning dog (an experienced masters dog). VERY happy and thrilled with the baby dog. Run below.
She is back in agility this weekend, before we have a little break again due to other factors in my life. Watch this space to see how the DW goes.. hope its straight!!

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