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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News Flash..

Terra WINS Dog of the Year once again! Taking out BOTH agility and jumping titles..that makes the 5th year she has won this award, and the THIRD consecutive year she has taken out both! The standard of agility in WA is very high, and I am *very* proud she has proven yet again she is the best! This will be the last time she contests this award, due to her age I have decided to take it a bit easier with her now. She won't be doing every trial like she used to. I will be taking her to the nationals next year though (all going well), her last ones unfortunately.
Terra-Bear you are such a superstar.. I am the luckiest agility handler ever to have the priviledge of running you.


  1. Congratulations Kriszty :-) Terra is a one in a million that's for sure. Karen

  2. Congratulations Kriszty :-) Terra is indeed a one in a million.

  3. Congratulations Kriszty you must be very proud of Terra, considering the fierce competition you have in Perth. Well done.