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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perth Trial

..was the first time in about 8 years I think I went to a trial and did NOT run the masters class! Was a strange feeling. With Terra out, I had Shim in all 4 events.
OJ was first and it was a very tight course. Not to Shim's liking with practically every jump at minimum distance. She gave it a good try but did not go out for the distance; I didn't expect her to. EJ was a nicer course, but I didn't indicate the jump after the spread properly and she ran past it. Bad handler.
In OA I walked the course and then it was changed..which I didn't realise, haha. So we got to do two DWs and they were both BEAUTIFUL!! I was thrilled with her DWs in this class..this is the first time she has given me what she does in training, in the ring. NA had a hard turn off the DW, but she nailed it! Yay! And then didn't jump on the table.. lol oh well.
Shim had a ball, she barked her way through most of the courses and had the happiest smile on her face, as did I. Someone asked me as they saw me running with her to the car afterwards 'was that clear? You both look very happy!' Nope, not clear, and yes we were very happy. Very happy to be playing agility, which we both love. And that really is enough at this stage, competitive as I am! Love running the girl, she just puts 110% into everything we do.
Thanks to Colin and Karen for videoing and uploading, beautifully as per usual.

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