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Monday, October 31, 2011

ACWA trial

..certainly a trial in the original meaning. Unfortunately not a good one for us, at all. Terra ran very VERY slowly, completely unlike herself. I knew there was something not right with her at the last trial (GSDA) and I thought she was short in her RH. No-one else agreed with me, though, so I ran her, and she seemed to run OK. However yesterday there was no doubt about it- she is very sore in her RH, and is in fact slightly dragging the foot. Poor girl. So she was treated yesterday, going again Friday and will be on rest duties for probably the next couple of weeks. Moral-always trust your own instincts even if no-one else agrees as YOU know your dog best. She ran so slowly that Mike (dragged to a trial against his will) was able to get some nice pics of her on the See-Saw:

Shimmer had a nice run in NJ, apart from running past a jump (again!). The chiropractor I took her to yesterday with Terra thought she looked pretty good, but agreed that her HD is going to vastly limit her turning ability. So she will do what she can do. God help us when we get to masters!
In NA she was quite upset by another dog (from her point of view) aggressively running at her from the other ring, scaring both of us as we had our backs turned. Apparently the dog was chasing a bird, but of course Shimmer didn't know that. She's not that keen on other dogs at the best of times and certainly not running barking and growling straight up to her when her back is turned! So I had about 20 seconds to get her focussed to go into the ring, luckily she switched back onto me pretty quickly and did a reasonable run, just failing to decel for the weavers. She got both her contacts AND the correct entrance into the tunnel. Need to see the vid to check how good the DW was, I know the AF was nice (and from a table, too!). This was a nice open course and she loved it.
She had to go straight from NA to OJ with not really any break as they were running at the same time, and I lost her at the weavers. I know what we will be practicing this week..! Love running the girl, she is starting to feel much more confident in the ring and those running contacts are a blast!
Vids to come soon.

When she finally got in the weavers:

S-T-R-E-T-C-H! I love to see her jumping with her back legs extended

Such a happy girl!

But every cloud has a silver lining..my Godmother was over for my sisters performance Saturday night, and got stranded here, so we got to spend some more time with her which was very nice. Ink's DW looked a little better in the practice ring. I got to meet Karen's new Cassie, who is absolutely the cutest thing ever. And, we won the raffle, probably the 1st time we have ever won anything!

Vid (thanks Karen)

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