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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last trial of the year

Pretty pleased with Shim's efforts in the ring at the Dobe club trial.
Open Agility was first, and although she broke her start line, went off course and I ran her round the SS, she did a stunning DW (my aim for that class). Here it is in slow-mo:

Then in Excellent Jumping she had a nice run to come 2nd by 0.02 seconds to probably the fastest young dog in Perth. Can't complain! She loved the course as it was open and wide with lots of tunnels.. fun! Thanks to Megan for videoing:

Novice Agility was the last run of the night.. there was a table approx 45 degrees off the dog-walk, so not a straight exit, and the entry wasn't straight either. Despite this, she nailed it with a beatiful deep contact..go the Big Dog! The rest of the run was pretty nice too.. until I *a-hem* maybe told her to go on too much over the 2nd last obstacle (A-Frame) and she tried to do it in 1 stride.. cue lots of gasps from the audience. 'I believe I can fly...'
Vid by Simone:

DW slow mo:

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