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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wicked Hounds Gear

Mike has been designing a new type of dog collar over the last year, as we were not happy with the traditional collars on the market. We wanted something that would
a) protect the trachea (windpipe) when the dog was pulling on lead and
b) look cool !
So he came up with these. They have a special cut that allows the collar to sit rotated to the back of the neck, when not attached to a lead to look like a bandana. When the lead is attached, it swings round and protects the trachea from damage. Because they are quite wide, they don't tend to pull off the dogs head, a big problem with flat collars (this happens to me at work all the time, especially when trying to take the dogs where they dont want to go.. i.e out to the treatment room.. )
They will come in all sorts of sizes and funky patterns. He has also designed an ingenious new handle for the lead, which fits around your hand and evenly distributes pressure when the dog is pulling, to make it much more comfortable when walking (not that our dogs pull or anything!)
Basically, ergonomic gear for dog and owner.

Perfect for dogs on the go (pink for Princess Ink)

Red goes faster

RAWR says the puppy!

Coming soon at Wicked Hounds.. (modelled to perfection, of course!)

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  1. Very fancy! Might have to get myself one (or five...) I hope they come in Papillon size :P