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Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have been enjoying trialling Shim lately, she is really starting to get her confidence in the ring.
Shim's version of a GREAT course (EJ, thanks Cindy!) Listen for the happy barking :) 1st place. (Thanks to Karen for taping and uploading)

And.. having a few discussions about how the dog walk should be run in the ring! She is doing very steady, deliberate striding on her DW in traning, but is getting a little excited in the ring, which seems to be making her striding go out the window! We have been working on this, we went to the games trial on Sat night purely to work on her DWs in the ring, and they definitely improved throughout the trial. Because she is running faster, she feels 'bouncier' though and not as controlled.. which I find hard to deal with (not that I'm a control freak or anything.. )

Terra is going into Murdoch tommorow for more tests, this time of her upper respiratory function. Her panting really is excessive, so they will be checking her larynx, doing a bronchoscope and a BAL (sample of cells in the lungs). I am crossing everything they find what is wrong because we are out of tests!

Quite a few people have been asking me about this dog:

Rosie, my parents dog. Aka 'red dog' and 'devil dog'. Positives first.. she is growing up nicely so far as her conformation is concerned, nice angles, great bone, powerful looking dog. And she is great with other dogs. And she can be sweet. However... boy is she naughty!! I have been spoilt with Shim and Ink as they are both SUPER biddable and focused. Not Rosie..uh uh, no way! She is not above running around, and around, and around the dining room table when you are trying to catch her (quite hard when its just one person!) or.. running away when you are trying to train her.. or ducking out of the way so you cant get her collar.. or bringing the toy just not QUITE close enough and ducking away when you reach out for it..
I haven't done much with her, and she's not doing much to change my mind either haha

Its lucky you're cute Rosie.. (old pics, new ones to come!)

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