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Monday, April 2, 2012

Terra's results/finally some news!

The good news is..there is some news. The bad news.. yes there is something wrong with Terra's lungs, as I have been saying all along!
Her BAL results came back with LOTS of inflammation (predominantely neutrophils but some macrophages and eosinophils as well), with no signs of infection. Negative culture, and negative PCR for mycoplasma (a bacteria that can be seen in the lungs). Cause of the inflammation? Immune mediated, 'idiopathic' (according to medicine vet at murdoch). Definitely has been present for quite a while. Treatment? Doxycycline and inhalational steroids. At least we now have an answer, and a direction to go. Watch this space.

A pic of Shim with two of her Western Classic rosettes..for winning Novice Agility and the Best Overall Team (she hates having her picture taken!)

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