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Thursday, June 7, 2012

End of an Era

..For me, that is. I have decided it is time to retire Terra. She is still not running well, although her panting is now what I'd classify as normal, however she is still not driving with her back end. The amazing drive/spark/power that was her hallmark seems to have gone, and although I have not managed to find a definitive diagnosis, I am pretty sure its from the years and years she has had of THROWING herself around an agility course. That has got to take its toll on any body. So, I think it is time.

I don't have the words to describe what an immense privilege it has been to go along the journey with her, truly she has been such a joy of an agility dog, a superstar, a dog who has made me look so very very good, when really I am just average, I just lucked out on the best dog in Australia ;) The highs with her were so very high.. winning 5 finals at the nationals, winning DOTY 5 years in a row, countless states, royals and classics.. but really it was the absolute HUGE rush of adrenalin I got when we hurtled our way around the course, the almost perfect communication of those top runs that meant she went exactly where she was supposed to go, past off course tunnels, into hard weave entries and accelerating down the ramp of the dog walk, all at top speed. Such a ride.

 Some videos of runs..

 Jumping in 2006, right at the start of her career, winning novice jumping at the states:

 A very early jumping run, possibly one of her first trials?

 Winning masters agility, 4 years ago (age 4)

 Her agility champion title, gained at 3 years of age

Winning at geraldton

 Winning open agility and open jumping at the nationals 2 years ago (age 6)

 Winning masters jumping at the states last year (age 7)

 Thanks Terra-Bear..

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  1. What a great trip down memory lane :-) thankyou for sharing it. Terra was an amazing dog to watch and aspire to.