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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Off to the nationals

Tommorow morning Terra, Shimmer and I are off to the nationals. I really was in 2 minds about going this year but decided to go in the end, as it will be 2 years until they are on again and they will be the last nats for Terra.
My expectations are very low this year, Terra is not the same dog she used to be, and Shim, whilst keen, is also not where I had hoped she would be by now. This is due to a variety of reasons, the main one being I can't  actually train her very much due to her poor structure (and they other one being those ****** running contacts!) She is exceptionally hard to turn as well, our fingers are crossed for some nice open courses without a lot of tight turns.
However, I am very much looking forward to seeing WA do well (as we always have done in the past!), and enjoying spending a week with nothing to do but watch and talk about dogs! Mike is looking forward to a week WITHOUT dogs and dog talk (and me, I think!)..

When I get back Shim will have a rest for a month or so, and I am going to be focussed on Ink, and start training Rosie. Ink is coming along, annoyingly the only piece of equipment I am still not at all happy with is the DW (and AF but I haven't trained that much). I thought she had reasonable understanding, but I have now concluded she has *no idea* what I am asking her to do on it! So I am going to try a different method of training, and am also teaching her a solid 2o2o, so she will have the option of both. I will probably enter her in the upcoming ADAA trial, she will need lots of NFC runs to get confidence in the ring, I feel, and since we can take toys in the ring, ADAA is the perfect place for this.

I have been playing around with Rosie when I am at my parents, and have decided to try training her. She has some really good points, her structure, tug drive and ground speed are all excellent. However she is *very* blonde and ditzy at the moment ('Rosie sit'..'yep ok..hang on.. there is something happening over there..maybe'..) so we will see how long I last before being driven insane! (lack of focus is a bugbear for me, and Shim and Ink have always had excellent focus). Definitely will be testing for me as a trainer, reminds me of Terra in her young days!

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